Datarocx Inc. and Remy Biosciences Unite to Transform Global Healthcare, Harnessing Datarocx’s Worldwide Reach

[Pleasanton, California – April 19, 2024] — Datarocx Inc., a global leader with a diverse portfolio spanning multiple industries, renowned for its pioneering ventures across Data Center, Telecommunications, and Solar industries, is poised to extend its reach into the realm of biotechnology through a landmark collaboration with Remy Biosciences, a frontrunner in innovative healthcare solutions. This collaboration represents a strategic move to further diversify its offerings and address pressing healthcare challenges worldwide.

Recognizing the symbiosis between data-driven technologies and biotechnology, Datarocx Inc. sees the value in leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence, and connectivity solutions to enhance healthcare interventions. This synergy aligns with Datarocx Inc.’s ethos of innovation and sustainability, facilitating its progression into the bio-tech industry.

Remy Biosciences leads in developing revolutionary drug delivery systems, including the Remy Biosciences Biodermal Technology™ patches and sublingual pills, set to revolutionize health outcomes. With a mission to empower global health solutions through technological leadership, Remy is committed to impactful healthcare innovations.

The alliance empowers Datarocx Inc. with exclusive rights to utilize Remy Biosciences’ technology for developing, manufacturing, and distributing Biodermal patches and sublingual pills in key markets like Pakistan, India, the Middle East, and North Africa, representing nearly 50% of the global population. Leveraging its established presence and comprehensive network in these regions, Datarocx is uniquely positioned to navigate regulations, understand local dynamics, and respond swiftly to healthcare trends. This infrastructure ensures efficient distribution and solidifies Datarocx’s standing as a leader in healthcare technology across these vital territories.

Structured for a ten-year term with provisions for automatic renewal, the agreement emphasizes the long-term commitment of both parties to drive sustained growth and address evolving patient needs. The collaboration has garnered support from governmental agencies, investors, clinicians, and distributors, reflecting the significant market demand for innovative healthcare solutions.

Agha Babar Saeed, CEO of Datarocx, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to partner with Remy Biosciences to contribute toward better patient outcomes and address critical healthcare issues in various international markets. This agreement with Remy Biosciences marks an exciting opportunity for Datarocx Group of companies”.

“This alliance with Datarocx Inc. represents a pivotal moment in Remy Biosciences’ journey,” said Justin Brown, CEO of Remy Biosciences. “Together, we are uniquely positioned to make a lasting difference in the international healthcare landscape, improving outcomes for patients worldwide.”

Embarking on this transformative journey, Datarocx Inc. and Remy Biosciences are committed to leveraging their combined expertise and resources to deliver innovative healthcare solutions that redefine the standard of care globally.

For further details on this groundbreaking partnership and its implications for global healthcare, please contact:

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