Exuberant Support

We have the enthusiasm and passion to ensure our customers' happiness. Our team members find satisfaction only when they delight customers with their technical expertise, promptness, and their determination to exceed customer expectations. A single customer inquiry becomes their ultimate goal to achieve. They enthusiastically set a stopwatch to measure the time it takes to resolve the issue and aim to surpass their own records in subsequent interactions.

Proactive Approach

Our team members are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to seize. At every step, they are watching for possibilities to improve and improvise wherever they see potential. In addition to their own scope of work, a Linux technical associate doesn't just provide technical support but is also adept at building relationships and proactively finding ways to assist others. When starting a new day at work, we ask ourselves how we can be better than we were yesterday.

Continuous Knowledge Enhancement

We are hungry, we are foolish. You could say we are seekers, learners, and explorers. It is our passion to acquire a first-hand understanding of technology, which urges us to acquire new skills and enhance our personal, interpersonal, and leadership behaviors. We continuously acquire and share knowledge. We are curious about feedback; we like to know our strengths and weaknesses. This helps us to actively work to
improve ourselves.

Organization above Team and Self

Our team members go above and beyond for the collective benefit of our customers and partners. They are self-driven to achieve goals and objectives while maintaining an attitude that prioritizes the organization over individual and team interests.

Respect and Care for Fellow Datarocx

Respect for us isn’t just about uttering a polite word or expressing concern; it means considering every team member to be of high regard, valuing their opinions, respecting differences, and upholding their self-esteem. We care for each other in a manner that promotes trust, openness, and personal growth in a healthy environment. We are a family, and truly so, as we care about our people and their personal and professional needs.

Love for Environment

If we take something from society, it is our duty to give back to society. We are nature lovers and environmentally friendly. We plant a tree for every server we buy. We take timely initiatives to enhance Mother Earth – its soil, water, air, and its living beings.